Bathroom Shutters

bathroom shutters

Window shutters are perhaps the best window treatment available for any type of  bathroom. Soft window coverings, such as curtains, drapes, or roman shades can absorb steam and aromas which are commonplace in the bathroom. Blinds, while not porous,  can be difficult to clean.

Interior shutters can rotate open on hinges or the louvers can be rotated to a horizontal position for light and visibility. The louvers can be rotated slightly up to permit light to still enter the room while providing privacy for the occupant. Interior shutters also mount close to the window and do not intrude on the minimal space some bathrooms utilize.

Some homeowners fear that wood shutters will decay because of regular fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. Quality wood shutters are constructed to endure harsh window conditions which commonly involves humidity from condensation and intense temperature from direct sunlight or cold from poorly insulated windows.

interior bathroom shutters

We think you will be extremely satisfied with both the appearance and function of solid wood interior shutters.

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