Cheap Fauxwood Shutters

We were recently informed about interior shutters being sold on a popular website, offering goods that have been “over produced and under sold”.

fauxwood shuttersThe website states the interior shutters are fauxwood with “unique solid-structure components to look just like solid-wood shutters”. Fauxwood is a petroleum-based material that results in a shutter that looks and feels like plastic. Fauxwood shutters in no way look or feel like quality wood shutters.

Our second issue with this particular product is that it claims to fit a window width between 27 and 29″. It later claims that the width dimension is 24 to 27 inches. We found that the company includes “filler strips”. Filler strips are used when shutters are too narrow for a window opening. Filler strips simply decrease the width of the available window opening and are a true sign of a poorly sized shutter unit in relation to the window.

custom wood shutters

Finally, the official title of the product is “Oak Fauxwood Shutter”. How can these cheap shutters both be oak and synthetic? The shutters are not manufactured from oak but the color is apparently “oak”. How did they stain PVC shutters? They didn’t. The shutters are brown, but we would not expect the shutters to look “just like solid-wood” as is claimed in the description.

The price is attractive for shutters. But, we all know the saying, “you get what you pay for.” This is a prime example of that phrase. We anticipate many remorseful customers.

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