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coastal living shuttersEven though I live in the Midwest, one of my favorite magazines is Coastal Living.  In this month’s issue an article titled “built to last” features “14 beach house design solutions” that are “essential for facing the elements – from intense sunlight to strong winds”.

Listed at 12 is “shutters“. They state that strong winds make it difficult to relax outside. The proposed  solution: “iconic Caribbean-style shutters” made of solid cedar. They continue to say that cedar “weathers beautifully and can handle sun and moisture”.  Finally, they say that “salt air actually helps preserve” cedar, “making it last up to several decades.”

In other mild climates, cedar exterior shutters can be used to protect from strong sunlight while allowing breezes to pass through the house. Cedar shutters can also help reduce strong winds. Painting cedar shutters will help maintain the original strength.

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