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Most people define the term “discount shutter” as shutters sold at a price considerably lower than others in the industry. While discount shutters are available, they may or may not be the best option for your application or situation.

Shutters are offered in a range of prices based on a number of factors. First it is important to understand that the base determinate of price is cost of materials, cost of labor, and location.

Let’s take a look at the range of avenues to purchase window shutters starting with the least expensive.

1. Reclaimed / Recycled / Used Shutters
Sure, this is absolutely the most affordable route to purchase window shutters. However, this is definitely the most difficult route to achieving your desired shutter unit. First, quality salvage shutters are rarely available. Second, it will be very difficult to find the correct sizes and quantities to fit your window. Finally, old shutters rarely have properly tensioned louvers that will operate as desired.

kitchen shutters2. Standard / Stock-Size Shutter Panels
For the do-it-yourself homeowner, this may be the best avenue. Some interior stock shutters are built with cheap lumber and manufactured with little care. Others standard size shutters are built with quality lumber and manufactured with the same attention as high-end custom shutters. The difference is that individual panels do not need to be mortised, rabbeted, hinged, painted, stained, or assembled into units. Standard size panels can often be trimmed to fit the window opening.
Note: This is a perfect way to purchase wood exterior shutters.

3. Plastic / Vinyl / Polywood Shutters
The material used for synthetic shutters is petroleum-based and is cheaper than other materials. Therefore, it is a little less expensive than wood. However, these shutters often look and feel like plastic and have a less than formal appeal.

4. Custom Wood Shutters
This category of shutters is the most expensive, with legitimate reason. Custom shutters should be made to the 1/16″ for each individual window, have rabbeted stiles between panels, mortised hinges, be painted or stained in your choice of color, and shipped direct to your house. However, there are ways to cut costs. We suggest to order direct online. Quality shutter companies will provide detailed measuring and installation instructions. We do recommend obtaining a sample before purchasing.

interior diy shutters

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