Earth Day – Shutters

We like Earth Day. It is a great way to kick-start habits that will conserve our planet. There will be a variety of suggestions, all of which are wonderful ideas toward living a life that results in a cleaner, healthier planet. We plan to continue recycling, which includes paper, plastics, and used electronics. We have also installed energy-efficient lighting, low-flow toilets, and are working on planting a rain garden around our facility.

We hope you are also taking action to reduce your impact on the planet. Products we purchase can have a positive or negative impact on our habitat. Here are three ways wood shutters are environmentally friendly.

  • Manufactured from renewable resources – Basswood is responsibly harvested and replenished. (Synthetic shutters are constructed from non-renewable resources).
  • Built for longevity – While other window treatments may only last several years, quality window shutters can last the life of your house reducing waste.
  • Insulation – reducing  energy necessary to heat or cool a building. Horizon Shutters did an independent study, concluding that their plantation shutters reduce heat transfer up to 31%.

custom wood shutters

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