Creative Exterior Shutter Cutouts

exterior shutter palm tree cutoutThere are hundreds of shapes and designs of exterior shutter cutouts. Here you can see a palmetto tree from South Carolina. Take inspiration from your surroundings and make a creative cutout of your own.

Cutouts must be applied to flat or raised panel shutters. To be effective the cutouts should be of large objects with an easy identifiable shape. Trace the image on each exterior shutter that you will cutout. Drill a hole inside of the object big enough to accommodate a saw blade. Use a jigsaw, or other choice tool, to carefully cut along the traced line. Don’t be too hasty. Most shapes can not be cut all at one time. You will need to stop often and realign your blade. Let the saw do the work, gently turning the blade. Don’t twist too sharply, and only insert the saw blade when the machine is fully stopped. You will realize quickly that hand cutting images on exterior shutters will not result in duplicate images, each will be slightly different.

wood exterior shutters

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