Exterior Shutters

exterior window shutters
Get your jump on spring projects by inspecting your exterior shutters for required maintenance due to the harsh winter weather.

Trim any shrubs or branches that may be in contact with your exterior shutters. Also clean any debris from the outdoor shutters which may harbor moisture against the surface.

Inspect the paint quality of wood exterior shutters. If any wood is cracked or peeling, remove from the area. Inspect the quality of the primer. Then touch-up the area with the appropriate primer and paint. Use special care in viewing the tops and edges of each shutter panel. If possible, inspect behind the shutters.

exterior shutters

In the event that failing paint is discovered, remove the shutter from the house. Scrape away any and all loose peeling paint. Store the shutter in a warm dry environment to allow any moisture that has penetrated the wood to escape. Then reprime and repaint the infected area.

If you require new shutters, consider ShutterLand Exterior Shutters.  They sell solid cedar outside shutters in thousands of sizes. The exterior shutters are made in America and shipped nationwide.

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