Fabric Insert Shutters

We keep a close pulse on trends in the shutter industry. One trend that has been falling for a number of years is fabric-insert shutters. This type of interior shutter incorporates fabric in between the top rail, bottom rail, and side stiles. Multiple panels can be used in a window, just like standard movable louver shutters.

The height of popularity of this style of shutter was the mid 1970s. While there are occasional requests for fabric insert shutters, they are simply not in high demand. Besides not being fashionable, fabric-insert shutters also have functional pitfalls. First, fabric fades and does not hold color well in an environment designed to attract light. Also, when the shutters are closed, fabric does a poor job of blocking light. Finally, fabric attracts and holds dust and is hard to clean.

We simply find that movable louver shutters are far more practical for any style home.

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