Furniture Fading?

control light with shutters
Direct sunlight can be quite damaging to both furniture and carpet. This may be a direct result of ineffective window treatments. Some window treatments are more effective than others in blocking light. Some window coverings either completely block light when closed and full light when open. Drapes are often solid, so they allow for full light an visibility when open and zero access to the window when closed. To fully protect carpet and furniture from fading, drapes need to be closed during times with the most sunlight.

Other window treatments partially block light when closed. When fully closed, these coverings still allow direct light to penetrate the room, which again is detrimental to cloth furnishings.

Interior shutters are excellent for light control. Shutter louvers (or slats) can be rotated for light and visibility. Closed louvers provide privacy and block nearly all of the outside light. Partially rotated louvers can block direct sunlight while allowing the light to reflect off of the louvers and still enter the room.

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