Historic House Shutters

louvered wood exterior shuttersExterior shutters existed far before colonial America. The history of shutters is thought to extend back to ancient Greece. The wood exterior shutter was adopted in America as a means to effectively control light, provide privacy, and protect from intruders. In the modern era, the need for exterior shutters has diminished with the wide-spread use of window screens, air conditioners, and interior window coverings. Today, the exterior shutter is primarily used to enhance the outside attractiveness of a building.

Homeowners across the country are remodeling or simply maintaining historic homes. Some homes are occupied by conscientious residents who wish to conserve the original integrity and design of the house. Other properties are subject to strict guidelines outlined by a governing body or historical society. These houses may be on the historic register or in an historic area.

Exterior shutters are subject to many of these restrictions. The primary requirement of exterior shutters is that they must be wood. It is extremely difficult to duplicate the character and authenticity of solid wood exterior shutters. Most shutters manufactured for historic houses use fixed louvers or raised panels. Historic societies often outline component sizes, which makes purchasing new exterior wood shutters difficult and more expensive.

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Maintaining an historic home takes time, dedication, money, and patience. We praise those who have the desire and drive to maintain beautiful homes.

ShutterLand Exterior Shutters sells premium quality solid wood exterior shutters in hundreds of sizes. All of their outdoor shutters are constructed from solid cedar components. ShutterLand provides detailed specifications of each shutter based on the size desired. Prices for the shutters are kept low for direct sales and are available online. ShutterLand currently offers louvered shutters in three louver sizes, raised panel shutters, and combination shutters containing both louvers and raised panels. ShutterLand shutters are manufactured in America.

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