Insulate with Interior Shutters

Insulate with Interior ShuttersWow. The summer HEAT is officially here. The windows are closed and the air conditioning is on. One way to conserve that expensive cool air is to insulate your windows with interior shutters. Solid wood interior shutters do no transport energy, therefore they will keep the warm air outside and the cool air inside. Shutters are thicker and more dense than most other types of window coverings, making them the best window treatment to conserve energy.

Plantation shutters are the best style for prevention the transfer of the outside heat to the inside of the home. Traditional shutters can also insulate, but are just not as thick as plantation shutters.

Window shutters also block direct sunlight that may enter and heat the your house. Shutter louvers in a closed or semi-closed position will deflect sunlight away from the house.  Shutters can also preserve furniture from sunlight and prevent fading and other damage.

So, this summer conserve your energy by installing attractive wood interior shutters.

plantation shutters

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