Interior Custom Shutters

Interior shutters can be purchased as stock size shutter panels or as custom shutter units. There are many benefits to purchasing custom shutters versus the alternative.

interior custom shuttersFit: Custom shutters are crafted from raw material to the 1/16″ of an inch for each individual window opening. An interior shutter unit manufactured to such close tolerances will insure the best overall fit. Standard size shutter panels are made in fixed sizes and usually post-production trimming to fit the window.

Uniform component sizes: Trimming window shutters to fit a window opening sometimes results in inconsistent component sizes. It is pretty easy to trim stock size shutters to fit a single opening. However, it is more difficult to unify stile and rail sizes in a variety of windows with different sizes. Custom shutters are constructed with uniform components for every window in every room in the house.

Special Detail: Custom shutters incorporate small elements that result in the optimum overall fit and appearance. Mortised shutter hinges reduce space between the window jamb (or hang strip) and shutter. Flush mount hinges create gaps for light to enter along the edge of the shutters. Rabbeted vertical side stiles allow for one shutter to slightly overlap another to prevent light from entering a room between panels. Square edges produce a void that allow sunlight to pass.

Paint or Stain: Interior shutters finished in a climate-controlled factory setting specifically designed to paint and stain window shutters result in a smooth, durable, color consistent, furniture quality surface. Most shutters painted or stained after they leave the manufacturing facility are unable to achieve the look and feel of those professionally applied.

Price: The price of stock size shutters is lower than custom made shutters.

Time: Standard interior shutters almost always require less time to manufacture than custom made shutters.

custom wood shutters

Horizon Shutters sells wood interior custom shutters online. Visit their site for construction details, sizes, traditional shutters or plantation shutters, and prices.

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