Interpanel Hinges

surface mount hinges
File this under “Things That Make You Go UGH!”

We at All About Shutters notice every shutter we come across. We examine the good and bad of every unit we see. Here is an example of a bad interior shutter installation. Notice the surface mounted hinge that shows from the outside of the window. Simply unacceptable and sloppy.

Interpanel hinges connect two shutter panels. These hinges should attach to the sides of the shutter panel, not to the face of the panel (front or back). When in a closed position, all you should see is the barrel of the hinge. The picture here is a good example of a poor execution of attaching shutter panels with interpanel hinges. This is a cheap shutter and is inexcusable by any professional standard.

A window shutter professional should understand what is the correct method of installation and what is not. If your source for shutters has installs interior shutters like this, find another supplier.

Also notice in the picture above that the installer did not even bother to use screws the same color as the hinge or the same color as one another.

custom wood shutters

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