Living Room Shutters

living room plantation shutters
Wood shutters may perhaps be the perfect living room window covering. In most American homes people gather in the living room (or the kitchen). Most days the living room serves as a casual environment for day-to-day living. There are occasions, generally when entertaining, when the space transforms from relaxed to formal. Window shutters adapt to the room and can appear formal or casual.

Window shutters are a solid window covering that contributes both strength and durability to a living room. Quality wood interior shutters are built to last the lifetime of the home, so they are strong enough to endure regular daily use.  Indoor shutters also add visual strength with solid form and structure.

Window shutters are easy to operate. Simply move the tilt bar up or down to adjust the about of light that enters the room. Plantation shutters, which incorporate large louvers, allow the most light and visibility when open.

custom window shutters

Interior wood shutters can be painted or stained to match the existing trim or woodwork inside the living room. This gives the impression that the shutters belong and are a permanent part of the house.

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