New England / Boston Shutters

Colonial Boston Shutters
Exterior shutters
on the East coast have a very heavy presence, giving a great sense of the architectural history of the area. Many houses and cottages have distinct outside shutters with louvers, raised panels, or both. Louvered shutters are often fixed, but are occasionally made with movable louvers. Raised panel shutters are usually constructed with a divider rail. Shapes such as sailboats,  anchors, or moons may be cutout from the raised panel area. Combination shutters contain both louvers and raised panels.

Colonial / New England / or Boston shutters use side stiles that extend beyond the top of the top rail or below the bottom of the lower rail. This feature is sometime referred to as horns or tails.

Authentic exterior shutter hardware is a must for exterior shutters in the heart of New England. This hardware allows for the shutters to swing open and closed. Most importantly the hardware give the extra traditional punch necessary.

wood exterior shutters

ShutterLand Exterior Shutters offers louvered shutters, raised panel shutters, and combination shutters constructed from solid cedar. Horns or tails are available on request.

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