Order Shutters – Mistakes

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Here are three things not to do when ordering shutters. These basic apply to both interior shutters and exterior shutters.

1. Do not make a hasty uninformed decision. We recommend doing your research. Find at least three sites online that offer the shutters you are seeking to purchase. Inquire about quality and prices. Chances are that you will find at lease one site that is comprehensive and gives all of the details about the shutters. Then if you choose, you may shop locally. However, you will often find lower prices and higher quality online.

2. Do not order only based on production time. We understand there extenuating circumstances where shutters are required quickly. But if possible order based on quality of the shutters and the end result. While you may have a party in your near future, quality shutters are designed to last the lifetime of your home. We hope you enjoy either interior shutters or exterior shutters for many years to come. If you do need shutters in a rush, take a look at ShutterLand Interior Shutters or ShutterLand Exterior Shutters.

3. Don’t order from a company that can’t tell you the type of wood used for construction or the individual component sizes.Too many shutter companies use representative that have no experience in the field measuring for and installing window shutters. Some companies can’t tell you the specifics because they frequently change.

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4. Don’t order shutters manufactured outside of the United States. There are very few regulations used in the manufacturing of Chinese shutters, Mexican shutters, or Indonesian shutters. American made shutters are manufactured with great care and quality.

We hope these tip help in your search for the very best interior or exterior shutters.

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