Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters
Plantation shutters are some of the most efficient and practical window coverings available. Rotating the wide lovers of a plantation shutter allow for a large amount of light an visibility through the louvers. Plantation shutters hinge to the side of the window opening and can swing to either side. Most people find that once the plantation shutters are installed, the shutters remain in position and the louvers are rotated to allow light to penetrate the room. The physical shutters are only opened to open or clean the window.

Quality plantation shutters are built to endure ongoing natural abuse. Sunlight, condensation, and temperature changes eventually destroy most other window treatments. In fact, plantation shutters will actually insulate the home.

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters blend well with many interior home styles. The simple beautiful lines don’t often distract from other focal pieces. Plantation shutters can be painted or stained to blend with existing woodwork in the home.

Horizon Shutters sells premium quality wood interior plantation shutters. They provide homeowners complete measuring instructions, then construct the shutters custom for each individual window. After the shutters are finished, they are shipped nationwide with step-by-step installation instructions.

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