Recycle Shutters

Recycled shuttersThere are many uses for discarded window shutters. Here we found an old shutter that had been repurposed as a medicine cabinet door. Old shutters can be found at flea markets and garage sales or shutters removed from your house. Indoor shutters that have been removed from one window often can’t be used for another because sizes are rarely the same. Therefore, it is best to find alternatives to reuse shutters, such as the one displayed here. Wood shutters are the easiest to recycle because they can be trimmed and manipulated slightly.

Old shutters can be recycled to make all types of items. We have seen shutters successfully used to make shelves, card holders, tables, displays, cabinets, headboards, or simple general decor.

If old shutters can’t be found, new stock size wood shutters can be purchased.

stock size shutters

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