Shutter Details Introduction

window shutter details
In the coming days we will introduce a series of articles titled, “Shutter Details“. We understand purchasing window shutters can be overwhelming and the average homeowner does not know what elements make-up a quality interior shutter. This group of six articles will explore the following topics:

  • Rabbeted Shutter Stiles & Properly Sized Units – looking at the causes and how to prevent vertical light gaps between shutters.
  • Mortised Hinges – The importance of using the correct hinge and preventing gaps between the shutter and window jamb.
  • Louver Position – Why louvers remain in their intended position and reasons they do not.
  • Paint and Stain Finishes – The finish you should expect contrasted with the finish some people receive.
  • Material – Why some companies tout wood while others think synthetic is superior.
  • Configuration – Properly select the number of panels used within the shutter unit and align them with your window.

interior custom shutters windows

Stay tuned as we unpack these throughout the next several months.

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