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install window shuttersHave you been told by a local shutter company that they only use “certified shutter installers“? They may not have used this exact term, but they implied that their company is the most qualified to install your shutters. We are sure if you asked, they told you there is absolutely no possible way that interior shutters can be installed by homeowners.

Well, we are here to illuminate the facts.

First, there is no governing body that trains and certifies people to install interior shutters. Each company that uses the term “certified installer’ simply implies that a person has been trained by that company or their manufacturer to install shutters. The terminology is a self-appointed title, or award.

We do acknowledge that special shape windows may be best installed by a local company. Arch top, slant top, and doors or windows requiring special cut-outs simply require precision manufacturing.

However, a majority of windows are rectangular in shape. These windows are much easier to measure with proper instruction, and do not require past experience. Measuring for and installing window shutters is only moderately difficult. Interior shutters custom-made for your window can be provided to you ready-to-install.

Why would you want to install shutters yourself? The primary reasons are money, convenience, and availability. Receive your shutters direct to eliminate the cost  and hassle of a company representative visiting your home for a sales presentation with measuring and a return visit to install the shutters. Also, their may be a limited selection of window coverings available in the vicinity of your house.

custom wood shutters

Horizon Shutters, an online retailer of premium quality custom-made wood interior shutters, has proven since 1997 that homeowners can measure for and install their own shutters. They provide complete detailed measuring instructions, then manufacture the shutters to the 1/16″ for each individual window.

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