Shutter Insulation

The cold weather is approaching. We have discovered a most interesting product to insulate your home. A shutter cover for the attic fan.

Attic fans are built with rotating louvers, and works much like a movable louver window shutter. When open, these louvers allow air to be pulled from the house interior into the attic with a large fan. When not in operation, the louvers close to mostly prevent air from passing from the attic into the house, or the opposite.

Obviously, in the cold winter months (or even in the warm summer months), you don’t want any air passing between the attic and your livable space. Shutter Cover is insulation that adheres to the top of the attic fan, preventing air to pass into undesired areas. It claims to help lower energy costs and keep your home comfortable. The Shutter Cover, we believe, is available at Lowes and Home Depot.

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