Shutter Latches (Hardware)

latches for shuttersShutter latches can add character to an interior shutter unit. In most any large city you can find specialty hardware stores where you can locate both very plain and ornate latches. The latches hold the shutter in a closed position. Some latches are bars that swing and catch receiving hardware on an adjacent shutter.

We however are simplistic in our approach. We also choose function first. Our recommendation is to use magnetic catches that attach to the window opening behind the shutters. A metal plate then screws into the rear of the shutter panel.

Shutter latches generally fail to hold the shutter unit, when closed, on a single plane. As you can see in this picture the latches are secure, however, the shutters are jagged.

Shutter latches can be placed at any height on the shutter unit. We generally suggest to attach the latch hardware to the face of the shutter where it can be most easily accessed by the homeowner.

The above is merely a suggestion from experience, so do what is best for your house.

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