Shutter Magnets

shutter magnetThe best way to keep interior window shutters in a closed position is with magnets. The magnet is a 1.5″ – 2″ unit encased in a plastic shell, which is available in white or brown to blend with painted shutters or stained shutters. On either side of the magnetic unit are slotted screw holes which allow easy alignment. A plate is attached to the rear of the shutter panel and will strike the magnet when in a closed position. Now, magnets are not the most attractive aspect of the shutter unit, but they are usually hidden, or do not draw a lot of attention.

The magnets align behind the side stile furthest from the hanging hinges. Each indoor shutter installation is different and may require a different magnet configuration. Single tier full height shutters may require two magnets per panel. Shorter panels may only require one magnet per panel. Obviously, cafe’ height shutters and double tier shutter units can only use one magnet per panel.

inside shutters

Magnets are also a stop to prevent shutters from being pushed into the window opening.

Magnets are generally considered a cleaner and more effective alternative to latches.  Shutters can be installed with both magnets and latches if desired.

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