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Stained Shutters

Wood is a marvelous building material. Not only is wood the most common building product, it also has beautiful visual characteristics. The grains within wood give each piece a distinction unlike any other.

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Arch Top Window Coverings

Arch top windows add interest and detail to many styles of homes. However, the greatest problem with these types of windows is that they are both difficult and costly to cover.

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Old Shutters Wall

What a great application for old wood shutters. This is one of the most unconventional uses for both new and antique shutters. The homeowner recycled interior and louvered exterior shutters of various sizes, shapes, styles (plantation shutters and colonial shutters), color (painted shutters and stained shutters), and degrees of distress.

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Mortised Hinges

A mortise is a rectangular cavity cut into the side of a shutter to accommodate a hinge. The hinge can be either a hanging hinge or an interpanel hinge on custom shutters. The mortise for a hanging hinge reduces the gap between the window jamb and the shutter panel. The best type of mortise is deep enough for both leafs of the hinge, so the window jamb does not need to be mortised.

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Shutter Blinds

People often confuse the terms ‘window blinds” and “window shutters”. Both types of window coverings use rotating horizontal slats or louvers, but that is where the similarities end. Window blinds use a horizontal head rail that installs to the top of a window opening. A system of strings drop from the head rail that support equally spaced horizontal slats that are constructed out of wood, metal, or vinyl. A bar hidden within the top rail revolves when the user twists a vertical wand or pulls one of two strings. When the bar rotates, the louvers tilt up or down. Strings, … Continue reading

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Build or Make Shutters

We occasionally hear of homeowners and woodworkers talk about building window shutters themselves. Obviously, it is not impossible to craft quality interior or exterior wood shutters, but we feel it is extremely ambitious. Movable lover shutters are probably the most difficult to construct. Every louver must be in exact alignment with the next.

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