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Hemingway Interior Shutters

The movie Hemingway & Gellhorn staring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen premieres this week on HBO. One of the opening scene takes place in the famous Sloppy Joe’s saloon. Interior shutters stream light through the windows into the Key West watering hole to illuminate some of the movies most memorable scenes. Wood traditional colonial shutters on the windows and plantation shutters on the doors were supplied by Horizon Interior Shutters. A more sophisticated decor is presented shortly after with plantation shutters inside the Hemingway house.

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Painted Wood Exterior Shutters

Just in time for summer, ShutterLand introduces the ability to order their already outstanding quality exterior wood shutters painted. The paint colors available are almost limitless. Select from any one of Sherwin Williams’ nearly 2000 colors. Supply both the Sherwin Williams four-digit color code and name, and the shutters will be shipped painted ready to install. ShutterLand exterior shutters are sold in three styles. Louvered exterior shutters are constructed with fixed louvers in one of three sizes (1.25″, 1.75″, or 2.25″). Raised panel exterior shutters used tapered solid inserts. Combination exterior shutters are constructed with louvers above the divider rail … Continue reading

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Interior Custom Shutters

Interior shutters can be purchased as stock size shutter panels or as custom shutter units. There are many benefits to purchasing custom shutters versus the alternative. Fit: Custom shutters are crafted from raw material to the 1/16″ of an inch for each individual window opening. An interior shutter unit manufactured to such close tolerances will insure the best overall fit. Standard size shutter panels are made in fixed sizes and usually post-production trimming to fit the window.

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Window Coverings Association

The Window Coverings Association of America is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The organization was formed to unify and provides resources for window covering professionals. The WCAA also hosts regular conferences and expos for company leaders throughout the country to gather and discuss ideas, new products, techniques, and compare work.

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Shutters on Display

Window shutters can create an excellent backdrop to highlight products or create a warm, inviting room setting. In their current home decor catalog, Land’s End has positioned shutters in one of their most prominent showcase pictures. These plantation shutters are positioned in the upper left corner setting a strong upscale tone for the overall display.

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Shutter Hinge Installation

There are plenty of steps to ensure the best overall appearance and function for your new interior shutters. Selections of shutter style, paint or stain finish color, material, and configuration are all very important. Do not neglect to inquire about the method of shutter installation. Some installers simply do what is easiest, not necessarily what is correct.

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Historic House Shutters

Exterior shutters existed far before colonial America. The history of shutters is thought to extend back to ancient Greece. The wood exterior shutter was adopted in America as a means to effectively control light, provide privacy, and protect from intruders. In the modern era, the need for exterior shutters has diminished with the wide-spread use of window screens, air conditioners, and interior window coverings. Today, the exterior shutter is primarily used to enhance the outside attractiveness of a building.

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Boardwalk Empire Shutters

ShutterLand shutters were used on the set of … Continue reading

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ShutterLand Exterior Shutters

ShutterLand Exterior Shutters has just launched a new website with expanded shutter styles, sizes, and features. ShutterLand has been selling high-quality solid wood exterior shutters online since 2003. ShutterLand has always provided solid customer support, competitive prices, and reasonable production times. Prices have always been available online so each potential customer knows exactly how much their exterior shutters cost before ordering online. This update includes the following:

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Lizzie Borden Shutters

With Halloween fast approaching we thought we would provide creepy link to exterior shutters. ShutterLand supplied exterior shutters for a beautifully restored 1845 Greek-revival in Fall River, MA. The house is a first-class bed & breakfast, with a wonderfully inspiring story. The dark green exterior shutters look great on the light green house.

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