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Historic House Shutters

Exterior shutters existed far before colonial America. The history of shutters is thought to extend back to ancient Greece. The wood exterior shutter was adopted in America as a means to effectively control light, provide privacy, and protect from intruders. In the modern era, the need for exterior shutters has diminished with the wide-spread use of window screens, air conditioners, and interior window coverings. Today, the exterior shutter is primarily used to enhance the outside attractiveness of a building.

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ShutterLand Exterior Shutters

ShutterLand Exterior Shutters has just launched a new website with expanded shutter styles, sizes, and features. ShutterLand has been selling high-quality solid wood exterior shutters online since 2003. ShutterLand has always provided solid customer support, competitive prices, and reasonable production times. Prices have always been available online so each potential customer knows exactly how much their exterior shutters cost before ordering online. This update includes the following:

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Lizzie Borden Shutters

With Halloween fast approaching we thought we would provide creepy link to exterior shutters. ShutterLand supplied exterior shutters for a beautifully restored 1845 Greek-revival in Fall River, MA. The house is a first-class bed & breakfast, with a wonderfully inspiring story. The dark green exterior shutters look great on the light green house.

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Ready Shutters – Free Shipping

This month Ready Shutters is offering FREE SHIPPING on all standard size vinyl exterior shutters. Enter promo code PUMPKIN at check-out. The coupon code must be entered exactly as shown.

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Thieves Stealing Hurricane Shutters

Thieves in Palm Beach Florida are stealing hurricane shutters. The shutters are not being taken to be used on other homes for storm protection, but for scrap metal. It is extremely disappointing when someone takes and item that belongs to another and has a defined purposes simply for scrap.

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Moon Exterior Shutter Cutout

We found these exterior shutters at a local salvage yard. This particular design is not one I would recommend. The crescent moon cutout has long been the symbol for an outhouse. So, this would not be a particularly flattering exterior shutter design. We think it would be best to find an alternate exterior shutter cutout for your house.

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Hurricane Shutters To Protect House

Hurricane shutters are extremely important to protect your house or place of business from the destruction a hurricane can cause. Preparation is key to prevent major destruction.

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Hurricane Shutters Irene

The approaching hurricane 2011 Irene reminds us how important it is to prepare in advance for destructive winds. People up and down the East Coast are securing their homes with hurricane shutters to minimize damage.

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Creative Exterior Shutter Cutouts

There are hundreds of shapes and designs of exterior shutter cutouts. Here you can see a palmetto tree from South Carolina. Take inspiration from your surroundings and make a creative cutout of your own.

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Exterior Shutter Hardware – Shutter Dogs

Exterior shutter hardware is essential to the proper operation of functional exterior shutters. While hinges enable the shutters to swing open and closed, shutter dogs keep the open shutter in place. Shutter dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular of shape is the s-pattern (shown in the picture).

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