Stained Shutters

Wood is a marvelous building material. Not only is wood the most common building product, it also has beautiful visual characteristics. The grains within wood give each piece a distinction unlike any other.

stained plantation shutters
Wood shutters
retain these unique qualities that are enhanced with stain. Staining shutters is a process of giving the wood a tone equal or darker than the original. Stains are generally within a range of browns and tans. Stains allow different woods and wood products obtained at different times to have a consistent finish. Stained shutters are generally crafted to match wood currently in the house. Occasionally, wood is stained much darker or lighter for contrast.

stained wood shutters

Wood shutters are the only shutters that can be stained. Some synthetic shutter manufacturers have developed products that mimic a stain look, but have been and always will be unsuccessful in recreating the allure of authentic stained wood shutters. Any faux product that tries to duplicate stained wood shutters just ends up looking fake.

The warm rich tones of stained shutters are inviting and completely distinct.


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