Stair Landing Shutters

shutters over stairsShutters are perfect window treatment to install in a staircase. Interior shutters do not project into the walk space or interfere with progress up or down the stairs like drapes that can be snagged. Shutters installed above stairs will rarely be opened to the side of the window. Shutter louvers can be easily rotated to block direct sunlight or open to brighten both up and downstairs. We usually recommend using as few plantation shutters in a window as possible. This allows for maximum light and visibility through the window. Using the largest louver possible also creates the best view because fewer louvers are used.

White shutters along with white trim generally brightens a space. Stairwells can sometimes feel narrow and confining. Using lighter colors keeps the space from feeling tighter. Closed shutters will block most direct early morning or evening sunlight.

wood plantation shutters

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