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Cheap Fauxwood Shutters

We were recently informed about interior shutters being sold on a popular website, offering goods that have been “over produced and under sold”. The website states the interior shutters are fauxwood with “unique solid-structure components to look just like solid-wood shutters”. Fauxwood is a petroleum-based material that results in a shutter that looks and feels like plastic. Fauxwood shutters in no way look or feel like quality wood shutters.

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Interpanel Hinges

File this under “Things That Make You Go UGH!” We at All About Shutters notice every shutter we come across. We examine the good and bad of every unit we see. Here is an example of a bad interior shutter installation. Notice the surface mounted hinge that shows from the outside of the window. Simply unacceptable and sloppy.

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Discount Shutters Direct

Most people define the term “discount shutter” as shutters sold at a price considerably lower than others in the industry. While discount shutters are available, they may or may not be the best option for your application or situation. Shutters are offered in a range of prices based on a number of factors. First it is important to understand that the base determinate of price is cost of materials, cost of labor, and location.

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