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Coastal Living – Exterior Shutters

Even though I live in the Midwest, one of my favorite magazines is Coastal Living.  In this month’s issue an article titled “built to last” features “14 beach house design solutions” that are “essential for facing the elements – from intense sunlight to strong winds”.

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Shutters are Tropical

Many regions of the country are experiencing snow, sleet, ice, and downright cold temperatures. Here is a picture to turn your thoughts right to the tropics. The bahama shutters are hinged to the top of the cabana to deflect the sun or “cool” breeze. For us, this is just the perfect location for exterior shutters. They provide light control, but most of all just look perfectly tropical. Bahama shutters typically use a vertical sub-stile that makes left and right louver sections. The shutters shown here are single wide fixed-louver exterior shutters. Bahama shutters (sometimes called Bermuda Shutters) offer minimum storm … Continue reading

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