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Interior Custom Shutters

Interior shutters can be purchased as stock size shutter panels or as custom shutter units. There are many benefits to purchasing custom shutters versus the alternative. Fit: Custom shutters are crafted from raw material to the 1/16″ of an inch for each individual window opening. An interior shutter unit manufactured to such close tolerances will insure the best overall fit. Standard size shutter panels are made in fixed sizes and usually post-production trimming to fit the window.

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Shutter Hinge Installation

There are plenty of steps to ensure the best overall appearance and function for your new interior shutters. Selections of shutter style, paint or stain finish color, material, and configuration are all very important. Do not neglect to inquire about the method of shutter installation. Some installers simply do what is easiest, not necessarily what is correct.

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Kitchen Shutters

Interior shutters can be the most versatile window covering to use in a kitchen. The kitchen environment is filled with steam, regularly changing temperatures, aromas, grease, and sometimes smoke. Wood shutters endure these every day processes better than shades, curtains, or blinds.

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Rabbeted Shutter Stiles & Properly Sized Units

This entry is the second in our series titled “Shutter Details”. A shutter unit is created when panels, hinges and hang strips combine to cover a window. Narrow windows can be covered with a single panel, but most windows require multiple panels. Improperly sized or machined interior shutters can result in an unsightly vertical gap between shutter panels (see picture). There are two ways to avoid this unfortunate conclusion.

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Discount Shutters Direct

Most people define the term “discount shutter” as shutters sold at a price considerably lower than others in the industry. While discount shutters are available, they may or may not be the best option for your application or situation. Shutters are offered in a range of prices based on a number of factors. First it is important to understand that the base determinate of price is cost of materials, cost of labor, and location.

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