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Historic House Shutters

Exterior shutters existed far before colonial America. The history of shutters is thought to extend back to ancient Greece. The wood exterior shutter was adopted in America as a means to effectively control light, provide privacy, and protect from intruders. In the modern era, the need for exterior shutters has diminished with the wide-spread use of window screens, air conditioners, and interior window coverings. Today, the exterior shutter is primarily used to enhance the outside attractiveness of a building.

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Living Room Shutters

Wood shutters may perhaps be the perfect living room window covering. In most American homes people gather in the living room (or the kitchen). Most days the living room serves as a casual environment for day-to-day living. There are occasions, generally when entertaining, when the space transforms from relaxed to formal. Window shutters adapt to the room and can appear formal or casual. Window shutters are a solid window covering that contributes both strength and durability to a living room. Quality wood interior shutters are built to last the lifetime of the home, so they are strong enough to endure … Continue reading

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Exterior Shutters

Get your jump on spring projects by inspecting your exterior shutters for required maintenance due to the harsh winter weather. Trim any shrubs or branches that may be in contact with your exterior shutters. Also clean any debris from the outdoor shutters which may harbor moisture against the surface.

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Shutter Installer

Have you been told by a local shutter company that they only use “certified shutter installers“? They may not have used this exact term, but they implied that their company is the most qualified to install your shutters. We are sure if you asked, they told you there is absolutely no possible way that interior shutters can be installed by homeowners.

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