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House Beautiful – Interior Shutters

Horizon Shutters recently found their shutters on the cover House Beautiful. The featured article titled “is small THE NEW BIG?” showcases a New York one bedroom. This 390 square foot living space is wonderfully decorated with vibrant colors and thoughtful decor. We find the shutters fit perfectly within the grand scheme. There are several shutter pictures within the magazine. The purple traditional shutters are very unique and have a distinct style all their own. See more places Horizon Shutters has been featured at ShutterHub.

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Shutters on Film – Movies & Television

Oddly enough there were no shutters featured in the recent movies “Shutter Island” or “Shutter”. However, there are window shutters littered in the movies and on television. Recent project by ShutterLand Interior Shutters includes the movies “Brothers”,”The Happening”, “W”, “Taking Woodstock”, and “Something Borrowed”.  Their television projects include “As the World Turns”, “Criminal Minds”, “Mercy”, “Blue Bloods”, “Sex and the City”, “In Treatment”, “Bored to Death”, and “Nurse Jackie”.

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