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Pottery Barn Shutters

Pottery Barn often displays interior window shutters in their seasonal catalogs. This pictures comes from their latest edition.

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Old World Shutters

Classic. What a beautiful scene. Sure, the exterior shutters look weathered, the wall appear beaten and aged. But, nothing seems more comfortable than a community where people rarely drive cars and bikes are the main mode of transportation. How refreshing.

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Old Shutters Wall

What a great application for old wood shutters. This is one of the most unconventional uses for both new and antique shutters. The homeowner recycled interior and louvered exterior shutters of various sizes, shapes, styles (plantation shutters and colonial shutters), color (painted shutters and stained shutters), and degrees of distress.

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Recycle Shutters

There are many uses for discarded window shutters. Here we found an old shutter that had been repurposed as a medicine cabinet door. Old shutters can be found at flea markets and garage sales or shutters removed from your house.

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