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Historic House Shutters

Exterior shutters existed far before colonial America. The history of shutters is thought to extend back to ancient Greece. The wood exterior shutter was adopted in America as a means to effectively control light, provide privacy, and protect from intruders. In the modern era, the need for exterior shutters has diminished with the wide-spread use of window screens, air conditioners, and interior window coverings. Today, the exterior shutter is primarily used to enhance the outside attractiveness of a building.

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Exterior Shutter Hardware – Shutter Dogs

Exterior shutter hardware is essential to the proper operation of functional exterior shutters. While hinges enable the shutters to swing open and closed, shutter dogs keep the open shutter in place. Shutter dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular of shape is the s-pattern (shown in the picture).

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Italian Exterior Shutters

On a recent trip, I snapped this photo on the town square in Sacile, Italy. The use of exterior shutters throughout Italy is magnificent. This particular picture shows wood board-and-batten shutters in all stages of rotation. We can see that when the shutters are completely open there is complete visibility and no obstruction to the window.

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Coastal Living – Exterior Shutters

Even though I live in the Midwest, one of my favorite magazines is Coastal Living.  In this month’s issue an article titled “built to last” features “14 beach house design solutions” that are “essential for facing the elements – from intense sunlight to strong winds”.

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New England / Boston Shutters

Exterior shutters on the East coast have a very heavy presence, giving a great sense of the architectural history of the area. Many houses and cottages have distinct outside shutters with louvers, raised panels, or both. Louvered shutters are often fixed, but are occasionally made with movable louvers.

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