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Italian Exterior Shutters

On a recent trip, I snapped this photo on the town square in Sacile, Italy. The use of exterior shutters throughout Italy is magnificent. This particular picture shows wood board-and-batten shutters in all stages of rotation. We can see that when the shutters are completely open there is complete visibility and no obstruction to the window.

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Interpanel Hinges – Follow-Up

Here is another example of an improperly installed interpanel hinge. These appear to be fairly nice quality wood stained traditional shutters which have been ruined by poor installation. Notice also the light gap between the shutter panels. This indicates the shutter panels are not rabbeted. This is soooo bad!

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Interpanel Hinges

File this under “Things That Make You Go UGH!” We at All About Shutters notice every shutter we come across. We examine the good and bad of every unit we see. Here is an example of a bad interior shutter installation. Notice the surface mounted hinge that shows from the outside of the window. Simply unacceptable and sloppy.

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