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Shutter Insulation

The cold weather is approaching. We have discovered a most interesting product to insulate your home. A shutter cover for the attic fan.

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Raized Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters can add a particular charm that other styles can not provide. Obviously, the paneled area of the interior shutters is not as versatile as movable louvers and need to be opened to the side of the window open to provide light and visibility.

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Open Shutters

Our simple reminder today swing your shutters open to let the energizing sunlight into your home or office. Sunlight provides us with more energy and a positive mindset. Even if you have had enough winter and there is snow on the ground, opening your shutters can do wonders.

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Shutter Details Introduction

In the coming days we will introduce a series of articles titled, “Shutter Details“. We understand purchasing window shutters can be overwhelming and the average homeowner does not know what elements make-up a quality interior shutter.

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Build or Make Shutters

We occasionally hear of homeowners and woodworkers talk about building window shutters themselves. Obviously, it is not impossible to craft quality interior or exterior wood shutters, but we feel it is extremely ambitious. Movable lover shutters are probably the most difficult to construct. Every louver must be in exact alignment with the next.

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Shutter Louver Size

One of the most frequent questions I hear is, “Should I use larger or smaller shutters in my window?” My answer, “It depends…” First, for a customer interested in ordering traditional shutters, the louvers are only available in one size, 1-1/4″. Plantation shutters are available in multiple louver sizes. The smallest size typically offered is 1-7/8″, and the largest 5-1/2″. Then there are multiple sizes in between.

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