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Build a Water Well for Free

For the next 15 days, all you need to do is “like” All About Shutters on Facebook and we will donate $5 to charity: water. The donations will specifically go to a current campaign to raise $5,000 to build a water well in an underdeveloped country. This water well will provide clean drinking water for 250 people. So far a generous $2,300 has been donated, leaving $2,700 remaining. All About Shutters will make a donation up to the remaining amount to fund this one water well. To complete the project we will need 540 “likes”. We currently have 48 “likes”. … Continue reading

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Shutter Hinge Installation

There are plenty of steps to ensure the best overall appearance and function for your new interior shutters. Selections of shutter style, paint or stain finish color, material, and configuration are all very important. Do not neglect to inquire about the method of shutter installation. Some installers simply do what is easiest, not necessarily what is correct.

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Rabbeted Shutter Stiles & Properly Sized Units

This entry is the second in our series titled “Shutter Details”. A shutter unit is created when panels, hinges and hang strips combine to cover a window. Narrow windows can be covered with a single panel, but most windows require multiple panels. Improperly sized or machined interior shutters can result in an unsightly vertical gap between shutter panels (see picture). There are two ways to avoid this unfortunate conclusion.

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International Window Coverings Expo

 The 2011 International Vision Window Coverings Expo will be held in Las Vegas April 26 – 28, 2011. This show hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center will feature a schedule of seminars and speakers. The primary event will be convention floor filled with exhibitors showing both standard and new products. Window treatments features will include drapes, curtains, blinds, shades, and shutters. The 2012 Vision Window Coverings Expo will be held in Chicago.

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Furniture Fading?

Direct sunlight can be quite damaging to both furniture and carpet. This may be a direct result of ineffective window treatments. Some window treatments are more effective than others in blocking light. Some window coverings either completely block light when closed and full light when open. Drapes are often solid, so they allow for full light an visibility when open and zero access to the window when closed. To fully protect carpet and furniture from fading, drapes need to be closed during times with the most sunlight.

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This Old House – Shutters

The November 2010 issue of This Old House features Horizon Shutters. The article “12 DIY PROJECTS to Add Old-House Charm” includes the text “Hang Interior Shutters – Traditional wood louvers can let in light and air while also screening the view. Custom sizes and finishes, starting at $300 per window; horizonshutters.com”

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Bifold Shutters

One of the most common terms we hear is “bifold shutters”. Most often, but not always people are describing a four panel shutter unit. Of the four panels, two panels hinged together with a hanging hinge on the left side of the left panel that attaches to the side of the window opening, allowing the shutters to open to the left side of the window. There are also two panels with the same configuration that open to the right side of the window.

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Tilt-In Windows and Shutters

One of the great new features of new and replacement windows is their ability to tilt in for cleaning. Many double hung windows now release at the top or bottom and tilt toward the room for the homeowner to be able to easily clean the exterior of the window. This feature obviously beneficial because it removes the difficulty of cleaning the window from the outside, avoiding difficult terrain, landscaping, and ladders to second or third story windows.

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Value of Interior Shutters

The current recession and economic outlook has altered the plans of many Americans. People who once dreamed of upgrading to a more modern, spacious, or more ideal home have been forced to put those plans on hold.  The alternative to moving is often reinvesting into the current space.

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Shuttered White House

In President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night he mentioned “shuttered windows”. Unfortunately, the entire text reveals that the phrase was used negatively.

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