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Boardwalk Empire Shutters

ShutterLand shutters were used on the set of … Continue reading

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Kitchen Shutters

Interior shutters can be the most versatile window covering to use in a kitchen. The kitchen environment is filled with steam, regularly changing temperatures, aromas, grease, and sometimes smoke. Wood shutters endure these every day processes better than shades, curtains, or blinds.

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Stained Shutters

Wood is a marvelous building material. Not only is wood the most common building product, it also has beautiful visual characteristics. The grains within wood give each piece a distinction unlike any other.

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Shutter Magnets

The best way to keep interior window shutters in a closed position is with magnets. The magnet is a 1.5″ – 2″ unit encased in a plastic shell, which is available in white or brown to blend with painted shutters or stained shutters. On either side of the magnetic unit are slotted screw holes which allow easy alignment.

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Pottery Barn Shutters

Pottery Barn often displays interior window shutters in their seasonal catalogs. This pictures comes from their latest edition.

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Old Shutters Wall

What a great application for old wood shutters. This is one of the most unconventional uses for both new and antique shutters. The homeowner recycled interior and louvered exterior shutters of various sizes, shapes, styles (plantation shutters and colonial shutters), color (painted shutters and stained shutters), and degrees of distress.

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Shutter Details Introduction

In the coming days we will introduce a series of articles titled, “Shutter Details“. We understand purchasing window shutters can be overwhelming and the average homeowner does not know what elements make-up a quality interior shutter.

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