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Hemingway Interior Shutters

The movie Hemingway & Gellhorn staring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen premieres this week on HBO. One of the opening scene takes place in the famous Sloppy Joe’s saloon. Interior shutters stream light through the windows into the Key West watering hole to illuminate some of the movies most memorable scenes. Wood traditional colonial shutters on the windows and plantation shutters on the doors were supplied by Horizon Interior Shutters. A more sophisticated decor is presented shortly after with plantation shutters inside the Hemingway house.

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Insulate with Interior Shutters

Wow. The summer HEAT is officially here. The windows are closed and the air conditioning is on. One way to conserve that expensive cool air is to insulate your windows with interior shutters. Solid wood interior shutters do no transport energy, therefore they will keep the warm air outside and the cool air inside. Shutters are thicker and more dense than most other types of window coverings, making them the best window treatment to conserve energy.

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Rachael Ray Shutters

Last week Rachael Ray hosted a reunion for Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. The art department for the show recreated the set for the Dick Van Dyke Show.

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Pottery Barn Shutters

Pottery Barn often displays interior window shutters in their seasonal catalogs. This pictures comes from their latest edition.

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Spring Clean Shutters

While it may not feel like it yet, Spring is here. In fact, I most associate spring with opening day of Major League Baseball, which is today. Along with the arrival of spring comes the most common word associated with spring, cleaning.

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Old Shutters Wall

What a great application for old wood shutters. This is one of the most unconventional uses for both new and antique shutters. The homeowner recycled interior and louvered exterior shutters of various sizes, shapes, styles (plantation shutters and colonial shutters), color (painted shutters and stained shutters), and degrees of distress.

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House Beautiful – Interior Shutters

Horizon Shutters recently found their shutters on the cover House Beautiful. The featured article titled “is small THE NEW BIG?” showcases a New York one bedroom. This 390 square foot living space is wonderfully decorated with vibrant colors and thoughtful decor. We find the shutters fit perfectly within the grand scheme. There are several shutter pictures within the magazine. The purple traditional shutters are very unique and have a distinct style all their own. See more places Horizon Shutters has been featured at ShutterHub.

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Interpanel Hinges – Follow-Up

Here is another example of an improperly installed interpanel hinge. These appear to be fairly nice quality wood stained traditional shutters which have been ruined by poor installation. Notice also the light gap between the shutter panels. This indicates the shutter panels are not rabbeted. This is soooo bad!

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This Old House – Shutters

The November 2010 issue of This Old House features Horizon Shutters. The article “12 DIY PROJECTS to Add Old-House Charm” includes the text “Hang Interior Shutters – Traditional wood louvers can let in light and air while also screening the view. Custom sizes and finishes, starting at $300 per window; horizonshutters.com”

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Tilt-In Windows and Shutters

One of the great new features of new and replacement windows is their ability to tilt in for cleaning. Many double hung windows now release at the top or bottom and tilt toward the room for the homeowner to be able to easily clean the exterior of the window. This feature obviously beneficial because it removes the difficulty of cleaning the window from the outside, avoiding difficult terrain, landscaping, and ladders to second or third story windows.

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