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Hemingway Interior Shutters

The movie Hemingway & Gellhorn staring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen premieres this week on HBO. One of the opening scene takes place in the famous Sloppy Joe’s saloon. Interior shutters stream light through the windows into the Key West watering hole to illuminate some of the movies most memorable scenes. Wood traditional colonial shutters on the windows and plantation shutters on the doors were supplied by Horizon Interior Shutters. A more sophisticated decor is presented shortly after with plantation shutters inside the Hemingway house.

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Interior Custom Shutters

Interior shutters can be purchased as stock size shutter panels or as custom shutter units. There are many benefits to purchasing custom shutters versus the alternative. Fit: Custom shutters are crafted from raw material to the 1/16″ of an inch for each individual window opening. An interior shutter unit manufactured to such close tolerances will insure the best overall fit. Standard size shutter panels are made in fixed sizes and usually post-production trimming to fit the window.

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Build a Water Well for Free

For the next 15 days, all you need to do is “like” All About Shutters on Facebook and we will donate $5 to charity: water. The donations will specifically go to a current campaign to raise $5,000 to build a water well in an underdeveloped country. This water well will provide clean drinking water for 250 people. So far a generous $2,300 has been donated, leaving $2,700 remaining. All About Shutters will make a donation up to the remaining amount to fund this one water well. To complete the project we will need 540 “likes”. We currently have 48 “likes”. … Continue reading

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Shutters on Display

Window shutters can create an excellent backdrop to highlight products or create a warm, inviting room setting. In their current home decor catalog, Land’s End has positioned shutters in one of their most prominent showcase pictures. These plantation shutters are positioned in the upper left corner setting a strong upscale tone for the overall display.

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Shutter Hinge Installation

There are plenty of steps to ensure the best overall appearance and function for your new interior shutters. Selections of shutter style, paint or stain finish color, material, and configuration are all very important. Do not neglect to inquire about the method of shutter installation. Some installers simply do what is easiest, not necessarily what is correct.

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Shutter Insulation

The cold weather is approaching. We have discovered a most interesting product to insulate your home. A shutter cover for the attic fan.

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Introducing: ShutterHub

ShutterHub is your one-stop-shop for both interior shutters and exterior shutters. ShutterHub has linked four resources for quality window shutters together to allow you to select the company that best fits your needs.

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Home Takeover Plantation Shutters

Horizon Shutters were featured on Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas showing on the OWN Network (Oprah Network). We think the final outcome is outstanding.

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Home Takeover OWN Network Shutters

On Sunday, August 21 Home Takeover with Simon and Tomas will premiere on the OWN Network. The first of six one-hour episodes will feature Simon Davies and Tomas Cederlund redesigning a home in Reseda, California near Los Angeles. One of the windows will use new interior plantation shutters from Horizon Shutters which will completely transform the window. Watch and find out what happens.

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Kitchen Shutters

Interior shutters can be the most versatile window covering to use in a kitchen. The kitchen environment is filled with steam, regularly changing temperatures, aromas, grease, and sometimes smoke. Wood shutters endure these every day processes better than shades, curtains, or blinds.

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