Tilt-In Windows and Shutters

One of the great new features of new and replacement windows is their ability to tilt in for cleaning. Many double hung windows now release at the top or bottom and tilt toward the room for the homeowner to be able to easily clean the exterior of the window. This feature obviously beneficial because it removes the difficulty of cleaning the window from the outside, avoiding difficult terrain, landscaping, and ladders to second or third story windows.Many people considering ordering shutters recognize the shutter may prevent the window from fully opening. Most interior shutters hinged directly to the window jamb or attached to the outside of the window opening with a frame or hang strip will not interfere with a tilt-in window.

To properly assess if shutters will work within your window, first tilt your window toward the room. Measure the space between the window jamb and the tilted window. Then contact the shutter company to compare your measurement with the actual space necessary.

indoor shutters windows

Shutters installed inside of the window open need to be attached as far toward the room as possible. This allows the shutters to open fully to the side of the window and leave only a small part of the hinge inside of the window opening. Often the hinge does not occupy more than 1/4″.

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