United States Shutters

american made usa shuttersBeware! There is a difference between “Made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA”

Some companies manufacture both interior shutters and exterior shutters entirely inside of the United States of America. These companies can legitimately claim their shutters are “Made in the USA“.

Other companies contract the construction of the window shutters they sell to suppliers outside the American border. China, Mexico, and India are popular locations for cheaper production locations. Other businesses may use foreign-made components (stiles, rails, and louvers, then assemble the shutters in the United States. It is very misleading when companies state the shutters they sell are “Made in America”. Either way, these window covering companies can not claim that their product is “Made in the USA”, but sometimes do.

We encourage you to discover where your potential shutter purchase originates.

american shutters

See ShutterHub for your list of online interior shutter and exterior shutter suppliers that sell only shutters fully manufactured in the United States.

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