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The current recession and economic outlook has altered the plans of many Americans. People who once dreamed of upgrading to a more modern, spacious, or more ideal home have been forced to put those plans on hold.  The alternative to moving is often reinvesting into the current space.

Remodeling can be beneficial in two ways. First, it can increase the attraction to potential buyers when the day does come to sell. Second, it allows the current residents to enjoy the results. Now may also be a prime time to improve your current structure because costs of materials and labor are down.

We obviously focus on window covering upgrades, and feel that interior shutters are one of the best investments. While window shutters are one of the most expensive treatments on the market, they make a great value selection.

Quality wood shutters are built to last. With minimal care, shutters can easily last over twenty years. Other window coverings have a life expectancy of ten or fewer years. For homeowners that do not expect to remain in their current house for extended period will be able to feature window treatments that look a good as they did when they were installed to potential buyers.

Window shutters are energy efficient. Full height plantation style shutters with closed louvers result in a 31% heat transfer reduction.  This is significant because according to the National Association of Home Builders, “windows are the largest source of heat loss in the winter and the greatest culprit of heat gain in the summer, due to their low insulating ability and high air leakage rates. Windows are typically energy losers, and can be responsible for losing 25 to 50% of the energy used to heat or cool homes.” Interior shutters also repel direct sunlight better than most any other window treatment.

Interior shutters blend with most any style home. Shutters can serve as the focal point of a room or can modestly play a role in the decor scheme. Shutters don’t introduce patterns and are often neutral in color and tone. So, as furniture, flooring and wall colors change, shutters will be the constant.

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We wish you well in your future remodel.

Using Horizon interior shutters can be a perfect reinvestment in your home. Conveniently shop at home and have custom shutters shipped right to your house.

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