Window Covering Ideas

girls shuttersWow. There are a lot of window covering choices. It is too easy to become overwhelmed with qualities, prices, colors, patterns, and materials of window treatments. The first step is always difficult, but we are here to help you decide. Let’s take a step back and start with the basics.

Here is our criteria for determining what window treatment to install. This method starts with the window to find a window covering, instead of pre-selecting an interior window covering and trying to make it work on the desired window.

Function – Will the window covering perform the task necessary? That objective may be light control, privacy, insulation, complement the decor, security, or a combination. Also, consider  who will use the product, the ease use, and frequency of daily adjustments.
Appearance – How will the window covering fit in with the surrounding decor?

custom wood shutters

Price – Does the selected window treatment fit your established budget?

Life Expectancy – How long is the installed product expected to last? This also includes durability, anticipated repairs, and general maintenance or cleaning.

In future articles we will discuss how different window coverings best accomplish the above guidelines.

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